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Bug#671030: inconsistent writing of {32,64}{-, ,}bit on the ports page

On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 7:59 AM, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:

> I think that the patch that Robinson Sathaseevan submitted can be
> merged, but although I'm participating in the www team, I'm not DD nor
> DM so I feel reluctant to take the decision myself.

Please feel free to apply patches you think should be merged. We have
version control, any mistakes can be reverted or fixed fairly easily.

> In addition to this, I'm not sure if this should be applied to the
> English file only, or merged with smart_change.pl

Looking at the translations, most languages seem to have their own
words for 32-bit/64-bit so I would say just the English file.

The other thing about translations is that you don't want to waste
translator's time on changes that only apply to English, so it might
be appropriate to bump the translation headers. That said, looking at
the translations, some of them seem to have the same issue so it might
be best to leave bumping headers or fixing issues to translators.

> If any other person could merge it or give me advice to merge it myself
> (say ok, english only, or with smart_change.pl), perfect.

Please merge it. You can use this in the commit log to close the bug:
(Closes: #671030)



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