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Offer to help with broken links

Website Maintainers,

I have been a Debian user for 16 years and have used an automated link checker on a handful of websites for 12 years.  What I would like to do is help with repairing and removing broken links.

The following report is easy to use (with email clients and newsreaders that support the HTML format) and it only contains broken links, so there are no lists to search through and the same false positives are not seen every time the link checker runs.

The pages will be checked once a month and reports are only sent if there are broken links, which means you can completely forget about broken links until a new one is found.

False positives will be removed from the reports before they are sent and the link checker will be configured to suppress them in the future.  If a false positive is missed, I will probably see it when the current and previous reports are compared, or you can send me the link.  New broken links will be held for a month before they are reported, which helps to avoid dealing with a link that is temporarily down.

So if anyone is interested, all I need are the URLs of the pages you want to check.

Thanks for all of the great work over the years!



Sevabot report for: www.debian.org

BROKEN LINKS, 303 See Other, 403 Forbidden, 404 Not Found, 500 Internal Server Error.

303 See Other

Vendors of Debian CDs

403 Forbidden

Vendors of Debian CDs

404 Not Found

Vendors of Debian CDs

500 Internal Server Error

Vendors of Debian CDs

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