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Re: Ban on wiki.debian.org (HTTP/HTTPS)

On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 2:16 AM, Christian Inci wrote:

> Is the whole /24 unbanned or just /32?

The whole /24 appears to be unbanned.

> Since when were it banned?

First instance of banning an IP on this /24 I can find was 2014-01-06.

> How many IPs, which?

These IPs got blocked automatically or manually:

Additionally these accessed the wiki at one point or another but
didn't get blocked, based on the logs both of these look like spam too
and their actions were denied.

> I'm going to inform my hosting company about that, as they own the /26 and it might be in their interest to know about any bans on their IPs.

Thanks. If they require further info including timestamped logs of
actions/requests please ask them to mail wiki@debian.org and we can
provide that.



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