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Bug#721283: [www.debian.org] Please mention Bytemark's donation

On 08/05/14 at 22:56 +0200, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> [ CCing leader@ as I think its a rather important thing to discuss ]
> Hi,
> I object against adding new (and incomplete stuff) to a completely outdated
> page. We have a lot of people sponsoring hardware, parts, or monkey for
> hardware, including some who did never ever ask for a press release - or don't
> even want to have one and maybe don't want to be mentioned at all.
> Adding bytemark to https://www.debian.org/misc/equipment_donations looks weird
> to all those who sponsored stuff and who would like to be there, and maybe even
> weird to bytemark as they are listed with companies who donated a 20gb drive or
> similar things years ago (which was EXPENSIVE back at that time).
> That page needs to go away, or it needs to be kept uptodate by people who
> actually know who sponsored what and who wants/should be mentioned (and thats
> not the www team, sorry :)) - either the hardware donations people and/or the
> Auditors.
> Actually I think we should not publish single donations on the web page at all,
> at least not in this form. If there was a press release its in the archive, but
> keeping track of all donations is a hard task and prone to problems and errors,
> and having a general "thank you" page is at least easier to maintain until we
> found a proper way to keep track of
> who-sponsored-what-and-wants-to-be-published-how.....


I agree with you that some improvement is needed about how we manage
and advertise donations. There are plans to do that, but this will
likely take time. I don't think that we should stop advertising
donations in the meantime.

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