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doc/misc-manuals.wml now refactored etc.


I made few updates recently for the part under www.debian.org/doc

misc-manuals.wml  (today)     (see below)
devel-manuals.wml (yesterday) (policy part needs updates) 1.66 -> 1.67
user-manuals.wml  (yesterday)

Excuse me for people updated from 1.22 to 1.23 for misc-manuals.wml.

I realize my recent doc part update in English was not the best way.  So
I refactored and made updates to all languages affected
misc-manuals.wml.  Now misc-manuals.defs in English can just update data
without causing this kind of translation updates for many languages.
Now 1.24.

devel-manuals.wml, the updates are somewhat less trivial.  Add 
<inddpsvn-debian-policy> and drop git repo reference part.
If I do not see them updated in few days, I may make touch ups.

If your web pages still have English words, please update po files in po
directory, too.



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