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Re: SSL for screenshots.debian.net?

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Am 11.02.2014 11:59, schrieb Peter Palfrader:
> On Tue, 11 Feb 2014, Christoph Haas wrote:
>> Thanks for the hint. I will get a Gandi certificate then and
>> make screenshots.debian.net HTTPS-enabled. As soon as I'm done
>> I'll get back to you so you can change the links.
> Great, thanks.
> I suspect long-term we might consider moving it onto d-a hardware.

We can do that. However in the past there was little interest in
running anything but trivial PHP or Perl/CGI applications on d-a
hardware. Glad that the policy was reconsidered. :) Currently it's a
WSGI app on Apache. Pylons however has been deprecated and I wasn't
fond of the direction that the successor project Pyramid went. So
currently I'm programming Ruby and am using the Padrino framework
(something in between Sinatra and Rails following a similar mindset as
Pylons - just in Ruby). But even then the application can be deployed
with mod_passenger and still use the same PostgreSQL database in the
background. Nothing too fancy.

However the next release is supposed to satisfy constant streams of
requests from other Linux distributions to use the web application for
their distro - mainly OpenSuSE and CentOS. I considered designing the
application so that each distribution could run their own copy but
that would mean that every distribution collects their own screenshots
and the participation depends on the user base. As you can imagine
screenshots.debian.net gets way more uploads from Ubuntu users than
from Debian users. There are probably just more desktop users. So
without the Ubuntu users we would have fewer screenshots to show on

Another approach would have been to design the storage backend to
exchange screenshots between different instances of the server. For
example screenshots.debian.net could get updated from
screenshots.ubuntu.com and push them to screenshots.opensuse.org.

After lengthy (months!) considerations I decided to write the
application as a single-instance system that will be able to deal with
virtual hosts properly. screenshots.debian.net and
screenshots.ubuntu.com use the same instance and their visual
appearance varies by the virtual host name. Also the backend algorithm
tries to find screenshots of the requested distribution first before
falling back to other distributions. Example: you are looking for a
screenshot of Pidgin on screenshots.debian.net. Maybe there was no
screenshot from Debian users but an Ubuntu user kindly uploaded a
screenshots via screenshots.ubuntu.com. So instead of showing no
screenshot the application will fall back to the Ubuntu screenshot.

Oh, well, I could go on and on about the concepts… to cut it short:
with the current design you would have to host screenshots for other
distributions, too, and deal with my stream of updates and patches.
Not sure you want to do that. Currently the sponsor is fine with
providing the virtual server.

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