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Re: New proud Hungarian DD

Hi Kåre,

On 02/06/2014 07:28 PM, Kåre Thor Olsen wrote:
> On Saturday 25 January 2014 10:14:06 Balint Reczey wrote:
>> Could you please add me as a DD to
>> https://www.debian.org/international/Hungarian ?
> Sadly, our Hungarian translation team seems to have become inactive[1], and 
> they are the maintainers of said page.  However, if you could provide a patch  
> to the Hungarian version of the WML page[2], I can apply it to the page, plus 
> update the translations of it.
> If you have a bit of time to spare for more Debian work, your help with 
> keeping the Hungarian translations of the website[3] up to date would be very 
> welcome.
> Ask here or drop by on our IRC channel, debian-www on OFTC, if you have any 
> questions not covered in our documentation.
> [1] http://www.debian.org/devel/website/stats/hu
> [2] 
> http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/webwml/webwml/hungarian/international/Hungarian.wml?view=markup 
> [3] http://www.debian.org/devel/website/
Thank you for the links.
I have attached the patch for both the English and Hungarian pages.

Regarding the translations I think I serve the whole project better by
solving old RC bugs, but I may look at the translations in the future.

--- ./english/international/Hungarian.wml.orig	2014-02-07 14:36:26.645009246 +0100
+++ ./english/international/Hungarian.wml	2014-02-07 14:40:30.142026758 +0100
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
       <li>Gergely Nagy, <a href="mailto:algermon@debian.org";>algermon@debian.org</a></li>
       <li>Attila Szalay, <a href="mailto:sas@debian.org";>sas@debian.org</a></li>
       <li>Tamás Szerb, <a href="mailto:toma@debian.org";>toma@debian.org</a></li>
+      <li>Bálint Réczey, <a href="mailto:balint@balintreczey.hu";>balint@balintreczey.hu</a></li>
 #     <li>Péter Kelemen, <a href="mailto:fuji@debian.org";>fuji@debian.org</a></li>
 #     <li>Gergely Madarász, <a href="mailto:gorgo@sztaki.hu";>gorgo@sztaki.hu</a></li>
 #     <li>�rpád Magosányi, <a href="mailto:mag@bunuel.tii.matav.hu";>mag@bunuel.tii.matav.hu</a></li>
--- ./hungarian/international/Hungarian.wml.orig	2014-02-07 14:40:50.918111886 +0100
+++ ./hungarian/international/Hungarian.wml	2014-02-07 14:43:10.274676250 +0100
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
       <li>Nagy Gergely, <a href="mailto:algermon@debian.org";>algermon@debian.org</a></li>
       <li>Szalay Attila, <a href="mailto:sas@debian.org";>sas@debian.org</a></li>
       <li>Szerb Tamás, <a href="mailto:toma@debian.org";>toma@debian.org</a></li>
+      <li>Réczey Bálint, <a href="mailto:balint@balintreczey.hu";>balint@balintreczey.hu</a></li>
 #     <li>Kelemen Péter, <a href="mailto:fuji@debian.org";>fuji@debian.org</a></li>
 #     <li>Madarász Gergely, <a href="mailto:gorgo@sztaki.hu";>gorgo@sztaki.hu</a></li>
 #     <li>Magosányi �rpád, <a href="mailto:mag@bunuel.tii.matav.hu";>mag@bunuel.tii.matav.hu</a></li>

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