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Russian CD vendors list needs update + a missing word on a related page



For removal:

* Books.Ru — http://www.books.ru/shop/show/118205 is a page for two unavailable CDs with historical versions of distros. The catalog contains several entries for *unavailable* distros of Debian 3.1, 4.0 and /Hurd K8. The only thing available in the OS category is an old FreeBSD. A search for "Debian" returns many $30+ prints (or whatever those "books" are) of individual Wikipedia articles, including short stubs.

* DISTROS.RU — http://distros.ru/ seems to sell only books.

* IT-company linCORE — the owner of http://www.lincore.ru/ installs plastic windows and doors.

* Knoppix.ru — http://knoppix.ru/debian.shtml only has a description. The page header has a link "Buy" to http://linux.su/order.shtml, which says they don't sell distros anymore, because they are much more available today.

* UNIXPARK.RU — http://www.unixpark.ru/articles.php?group_id=6 is 404, and I guess the domain belongs to a completely different shop now.

The other 3 entries seem all right.

http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/info has a word missing: "более выпуск" should be "более новый выпуск".

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