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Re: Make your site responsive and mobile friendly

Hello Debian.org Team,

I visited your website and found it to be good and professional. However, I came across some issues pertaining to the website that needs immediate attention.

As per Google's guidelines, a site should be easily accessible on mobile phone, Iphone, and tablets etc. This only can be attained through a Responsive or Fluid layout and this is exactly where your website is off-form. We can integrate your knowledge and experience with our web development and marketing expertise to build the perfect website for your business that complies to the guidelines.

Additionally, as the number of mobile Internet users are increasing, your site needs to be Mobile compliant too. By optimizing the website with the use of proper HTML5 development standard, we can make it mobile compliant too. This can soar the popularity of the website to its utmost extent.

Your business objectives can certainly be presented better with the help of a good web design service. So, please let me know if we can discuss further regarding the website issues and its remedies in regards to get the best of the web results.

Best Regards,
Bhupen Verma
ArcWeb Designing

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