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Gluing Wiki Shell Commands To CLI Interface? Call for Collaborators!

Greetings Debian-WWW Readers!

Apologies to anyone who also subscribes to 'debian-user'. You will have already seen my post there. No need to read on.

This is a call to programmers and Debian system gurus who might be interested in spending a couple hours a month
to work with me on a system (or site or tool, etc.) which would enable users to easily and speedily identify
a workflow for applying a system tweak or getting a configuration task done using the CLI.

Some feedback on the 'debian-user' list which mentioned the Debian Wiki pages set me to wondering:

a) Whether the tool might be able to source some of its "recipes" from the already vast and comprehensive web
documentation and Wiki pages that the Debian project has, and

b) If anyone involved in producing documentation for Debian might be interested in helping with the "glue"
functionality that would enable it to do so.

My original posting to 'debian-user' is given below for your reference.

If the idea sparks anyone's interest let me know at jofsama@yahoo.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours Sincerely,
Jarrod O'Flaherty.

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Subject: One-Stop Debian Box Config Tool: Call for Collaborators!

Greetings All!

This is a call to Debian programmers who would be interested in spending a couple hours
a month working with me on developing a "One-Stop Debian Box Config Tool" -- a tool intended to
become the central and all-encompassing place to go to configure any and every aspect of your
Debian system.


The tool will (subject to the approval of the collaborators ;) :

1. Drastically reduce the need to:
   a) Google every time you want to tweak feature X of package Y.

   b) Post to message boards when Googling fails to deliver the goods.

2. Provide users with an (ever-growing!) common repository of step-by-step "recipes" by which
    they can tweak / fix / customize / build / repair / upgrade their systems.

3. Present each step of a recipe in the form of a regular shell command, so it can be
    easily checked, easily modified, and -- most importantly! -- easily applied.

4. Eliminate the need to copy and paste said shell commands by providing a special terminal
    window as part of the interface.

5. Reduce or altogether eliminate the need to edit the shell commands by intelligently substituting
    installation-specific pathnames, module names, version numbers, etc. into the commands
    as appropriate.

6. Allow you to search the recipes using a goal-based syntax similar to the following:
   PATTERN) "I want to: VERB + OBJECT [ + to + VALUE ]"
   EXAMPLE) "I want to: change the default GTK font size to 18pt"

7. Facilitate the sending of feedback to report successes and failures using a given
recipe, automatically collecting and attaching to it relevant information on the system setup
as well as any (error) messages that were output during the process.

8. Play The Imperial March every time you report using a recipe successfully.
(Hmmmm. Then again, there could be some licensing problems there.)

All frivolity aside, let's start talking about how to automate the system configuration and
administration process the same way the rest of the *NIX world is automated!



Those interested should email me ( jofsama@yahoo.com ) with their:

* Name
* Languages Spoken/Written
* Timezone of Residence

* Linux Background and Proficiency
* Linux Flavors Used
* Programming Experience

* Ways You Would Like to Help

Anyone and everyone who enjoys using Linux is welcome to join.

And if you would like to participate but are unsure as to how to do so, let me suggest
that collaborators can, initially at least, be of greatest assistance in:

* Setting up a project homepage.
* Setting up a mailing list or equivalent by which collaborators can communicate.
* Helping to flesh out the project scope and requirements.
* Drafting up a design document and work plan.
* Creating a document & code repository on Github or similar.

Come and join me in collaborating on a tool that's going to be the biggest revolution in
Linux-box interaction since .inputrc got "history-search-backward"!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Yours Sincerely,
Jarrod O'Flaherty.

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