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Bug#652631: www.debian.org: please clarify the distinction between 'events@d.o' and 'debian-events-*@lists.d.o'

http://www.debian.org/events/admin has been modified recently so I
started to update its Spanish translation.

Then I found the last sentence:

"Above mentioned email address may be used to contact the events team
directly, but ideally members of the events team should read
debian-events-*@lists.debian.org mailinglists. (This is not true at
the moment as far as I can see.) "

And I found strange this part: "(This is not true at the moment as far
as I can see.) "
If I understood correctly this bug report, the events team monitors
those lists so that note in parenthesis may be deleted.

I also found a typo: "ressources" should be "resources" but I'm not
sure if I should open a different bug report [only] for that or can be
handled in this one.

Thank you very much.
Laura Arjona

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