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Bug#720742: [www.debian.org] Confusing qualifiers for people on intro/organization ("current" *and* "member")

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: minor

http://www.debian.org/intro/organization.en.html lists a lot of people contributing to Debian, usually as members of one of the main teams. Each person figures as an item, usually under a team. Each item has a qualifier for the role played by the person, such as "manager", "assistant", "wizard", "member" and "current". Some of these qualifiers are unclear. This is particularly visible for Web Pages and Hardware Donations Coordination, which both qualify some items with "member" and others with "current". Someone wondering how the latter team is constituted will likely be confused, wondering for example what the difference is between the roles played by Luca Filipozzi and Benjamin Mako Hill. Either we just have 2 terms to say the same, or the qualifiers are unclear.

The problem in this page is more general. Some items have another qualifier at the end, for example:
member Martin Michlmayr (delegate)

Some teams seem to use subsection for each roles (archive maintenance), while others use qualifiers (release). But even the archive maintenance team has a qualifier for each item. Perhaps some technical constraint is forcing every item to have a qualifier, so "member" is used as a dummy qualifier? That may be the root cause of the problem.

Filipus Klutiero

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