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Browsers and accept-language - Links(2) and eLinks

I was reading (finnish) page about setting accepted languages header
setting for different browsers, and although I did see Lynx there, I did
not see Links2 (Links need not be mentioned since L2 is pretty much Links
v. 2) nor eLinks, the most featurefull textmode browser, so I decided to
send you information where to set these values there:

Under "Options Manager":
Protocols->HTTP->Send Accept-Language header

The format is same as with others, but also under same submenu there is
"Use UI language as Accept-Language"
That will set Accept-Language header to what UI language has been selected
(with value 1 - default value is 0, and should be kept as that).

I believe by default the fields are empty and 0 - I have "en-gb, en;
q=0.8, fi; q=0.7, *; q=0.6" for Accept-Language.

You have to start the browser with at least one file/URL parameter - it
won't start like other browsers (more like pagers, as it's designed to be
used as such as well).
* Then press 'o' for options."
* Under "Network Settings" you will find entry "Accept-Language header"
* The default value, btw, seems to be "en;q=1.0"

Don't really know why I mentioned this. Under "Network Options" -> "HTTP
Options" there is "Do not send "Accept-Charset", but even for that there
is no option to define charsets, so I assume it uses the charset set for
the program.

I believe there are other textmode browsers you are missing - and wget (as
well as several perl variants, like bget) can also define this header
entry. I believe netrik might have been such browser. Also, not text-mode
but "supporting" (never got anything done with it since I never got mouse
nor keyboard working on FB so please forward that as bug report - it's
common, google it ;)) framebuffer, so has console support, along with X
support, is netsurf.

Sending this as you requested information if you're missing anything :)

Jani "Inu-Yasha/robsku" Saksa * http://salamanteri.dyndns.org/wordpress/

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