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Who's using Debian?


I write you from GREFA a non-profit that is dedicated to study a conservation of spanish widl animals from more than 30 years. You can learn more about as in our web www.grefa.org.

GREFA, Grupo para la rehabilitación de la fauna autocnoma y su habitat, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain. We are declared as a asociation of public interest in Spain.

We use Debian in our servers for Intranet infraestructure (dns, dhcp, firewalls ...), as web aplications servers with apache, php, mysql and postgresql/postgis. We also use motion for web cams.

We also use Debian to develop aplications for veterinary and biology.

You can read about this aplications here:

In desktop we use a lot Quantum-Gis and R to study the animal movements we get from the PPT's from Argos. Also we use libreoffice, gimp, scribus, iceweasel, icedove ....

We use Debian in 5 servers and in 5 workstations.

We use Debian because his quality. Also because is free but quality is more important.

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