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 Hello my name is Donald Boissonneault. I have been using debian for sometime (before Ubuntu). At any rate I have hacked my operating system (Legal) of Debian meaning I understand most of the system. However, one thing that I am new to is the EFI boot system. I never learned the grub system as I took this for granted, something I regret now.
 Anyway, I had to get my laptop replaced due to the fan failing. My server still boots wit the old MBR system with grub.
 The new laptop has Windows 8 installed with the secure boot and EFI boot. I have turned off the Secure boot and have tried to install debian with the Legacy Boot system, EFI boot system and just plain grub.
 I am at a complete loss as to how to make the system dual boot. I need windows for my accounting software. I think I am truly going to try and get wine going to run it, but I need to have the database system run too. A problem for an other time.
 Anyway, do you have any idea as to how I install Debian and Windows 8 side by side.
 Create a new EFI boot partition, go into the existing one and install the boot loader.
 I have tried many things and have had no luck, but I will not stop until I succeed. I need Debian for my business.
 I am a MSI CX70 laptop, cpu intel core i7-qm, VGA Nvidia GeForce GT 645m/2GB DDR3, LED 17.3 HD+, 1600x900(Non Glare), Ram DDRIII 16GB, HDD 1TB, RF 802.11b/g/n.
 I did not have a choice as to the lap top, as it was a IPR warranty replacement, (They could not repair my old one)
 Do you have any idea on how to proceed. I have never before contacted a Linux OS for help and only a forum one or two times. I prefer to learn for myself, but I am completely lost.
  Donald Boissonneault

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