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Re: aptitude: Failed to download the changelog from http://[2001:610:1908:b000::148:14]

On Wed, 26 Jun 2013, Raphael Geissert wrote:

> Full quote below for the benefit of debian-www.
> Speaking for http.debian.net: this issue isn't related to its use. "aptitude 
> changelog" makes a request that doesn't go through http.debian.net
> (for the benefit of the readers, the mentioned IPv6 address is one of the 
> hosts behind www.d.o/static.d.o)

But the bug report didn't include a URL or anything that would let me
verify that this is a static problem.  So I'll assume it isn't unless I
hear from y'all again.

Please don't cc -admin in replies unless it turns out to be a static
and/or klecker misconfig.

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