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Bug#686819: simpler presentation of iso downloads

On 28/12/12 09:08 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> I forgot another important thing: I had not even *seen* the "Download
> Debian 6.0" image on the top-right corner of http://www.debian.org/index
> . This is indeed not a place where the eyes would naturally go, so it
> tends to be completely unnoticed.
> I'd say it should rather go to the bottom left corner of the blue debian
> banner (bottom right for RtoL languages).

I don't like the idea of placing it in either location, as it looks out
of place in either. However, I do agree it's too subtle. Here's are a
couple of more successful download button layouts from which we might
draw inspiration:



In the first case, the color contrast is much better (solid green
immediately draws the eyes; our design only goes green when you
mouseover, which is too subtle). The placement here looks visually
balanced and the eyes are naturally drawn to it first.

In the second case, the color scheme is much simpler. The eyes are drawn
immediately to the solid blue button because it's the only colored thing
on the page. The center placement also draws your eyes directly to the

p.s. I really think you should file this as a separate bug.

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