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Bug#264589: Link from packages.debian.org to manpages.debian.net - updated information (bug 264589)

On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 11:33 +0100, Javier Fernandez-Sanguino wrote:

> I just wanted to update the bug report (and the -www team) on the
> status of the manpages.debian.net interface.

Thanks for this status, sorry the reply took so long.

I implemented linking to individual manual pages on my local machine
today, from both the filelist and package pages.

> - searches through package names could be implemented by building a package index

Based on my preliminary implementation, I think we do need a way to do a
search by package names. For packages that have a lot of manual pages,
lots of links to individual manual pages bloats the page, so I think we
want one link to all the manual pages for each binary package. Later on
someone might implement info.debian.net or docs.debian.net (doc-base)
and so we might want "Manual page(s)", "Info documents", "More
documentation" (doc-base) in a "Documentation" section.

> - the content (as I said following a pool structure) could be exposed
> for direct access and download of the original manpages,

I don't think this would be required.

> Could someone clarify what are the interface requirements from the
> packages.debian.org perspective?

We need per-package links. The packages site also requires a way to link
to the manual page of a specific language and fall back on the English
version. So something like this:


If there is only one manual page in the package, that should present it.
If there are several manual pages in the package, it should list them.

In addition, I noticed that the Ubuntu manual pages have HTML markup,
would it be possible to adopt whatever code they are using for that?




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