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Re: problem: /events/2012/

Am 24.12.2012 09:06, schrieb peterplusplus@Safe-mail.net:
> -------------------------------------------- 2012-12-24 03:00 -0500
> Dear site admin:
> I have noticed a problem with the page at the following URL: 
> http://www.debian.org/events/2012/
> Instead of listing "this year's events that have passed" for 2012, it
> displays the page for "events in 2013".

Hi Peter,

thanks for reporting this. It's fixed now and should be online in a few

> Thank you for your attention to this.
> I love both your website and the Debian operating system for which it
> provides support.  I thank you and all of your colleagues in this 
> awesome project.  I have been using Debian since v4.0r0 "etch", and 
> since then it has been my favorite OS.

Thanks a lot for these kind words!


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