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Re: w.d.o/devel/debian-installer links and descriptions (was: w.d.o/devel/debian-installer references daily images but doesn't contain any…)

Hello David,

David Prévot <david@tilapin.org> (07/11/2012):
> [ Please keep me or debian-www CC, I'm not following this list closely ]

[ Done. ]

> That has been reverted, but an actual description of the daily
> images would be welcome anyway [1]. Here is the current commented
> one, feel free to improve it and commit it uncommented:
> > If you prefer to use the latest and greatest, either to help us
> > test a future release of the installer or because of hardware
> > problems or other issues, try one of these *daily built images*
> > which contain the latest available version of installer
> > components.

Maybe “you may try” or “you may want to try”?

Before uncommenting this section anyway, I'm wondering whether it
would make sense to add some intermediate headlines between “official
release” (currently beta4) and “current weekly snapshot”, to make it
easier to find out what each image is about.

Then we could add the same kind of section after those two, for
“current daily snapshot”.

> Furthermore, now the businesscard images vanished, would it make
> sense to place the “other images” links next to “netinst” ones in
> the first line (or would another link make more sense)? It'll keep
> CD and DVD in the same raw for the further links, just not sure we
> want “other images” to be in the first raw, but as is, it looks
> weird to have the first line half empty. Would be nice to have this
> question answered before Wheezy get published [2] (yes of course we
> have way more important stuff to do beside those nip-ticks, but
> we'll have way more important stuff to do than answering those
> questions when we'll be in the actual rush).

Yes, the current situation is awkward/suboptimal, but I have the same
doubts about pushing “other images” to the top. It's been a while
since I scratched the businesscard images section, but I still see no
good solutions.


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