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Re: patch to automatically close bugs fixed by commits to CVS

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 12:48 PM, Paul Wise wrote:

> I've patched log_accum.pl from CVSROOT[1] to also close bugs fixed in
> the commits

It turns out that the copy from CVSROOT isn't used at all and I should
have been patching the debwww/cron.git repository.

My patch was a bit buggy, I've tested it as well as I could without
applying it, fixed it up and reformatted it as a git patch (attached).
I don't have access to the debwww/cron.git repository so I'm hoping
someone will be willing to apply it.

In the process of discovering the above I committed the script to
CVSROOT. That broke the KGB notifications and reverting the change did
not fix it. With the help of the CVS IRC channel I discovered that,
for files from the CVSROOT checked out on the server side, CVS
silently drops any server-side changes that weren't committed to the
CVS ,v files. I also discovered that it looks like alioth folks are
only backing up CVS locks, not any CVS repositories
(/etc/da-backup/cvs points at the wrong directory). So the bad news is
that whatever changes were made to enable KGB (and any other
uncommitted changes) will have to be re-done. I'm persuing that and
finding out if there were other backups.

Sorry for the mess I caused here :(



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