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Bug#691804: parse-advisory.pl sometimes treats CVE list as moreinfo

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

CVE-****-**** line may be using tabs instead of spaces in the mails,
 and this makes the script fail to parse.

parse-advisory.pl: line 114
 if ($headersnearingend && $l !~ /^.{15}:.*$/) {

this matches when the mail use tabs instead of spaces.
then the CVE entries will become "moreinfo"

the patch changes this to:
  if ($headersnearingend && $l =~ /^\s*$/) {

this way $moreinfo waits for empty line (w/ space characters allowed)
note: $mi is the flag
114:  if ($headersnearingend && $l !~ /^.{15}:.*$/) {
115:    $mi++;


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