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Re: wiki.debian.org spam protection

On Tue, 16 Oct 2012 14:36:12 +0100
Steve McIntyre wrote:

> >> I agree, reCaptcha is suboptimal but the alternative is for the wiki
> >> team (1.5 persons) to revert lots of spam daily instead of one or two
> >> per week. If you have an anti-spam mechanism that is as effective as
> >> reCaptcha then we would love to hear about it.
> >This is topic-drift, so only a short reply: reCaptcha is not "an
> >anti-spam mechanism".  It does nothing to test whether a submission is
> >spam or a submitter is a spammer.  It is merely a physical ability
> >test that is failed by a group which includes most spam robots and
> >some software-assisted humans.  It works a bit, but is evil.
> >http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWiki/DealingWithSpam doesn't look
> >current, so I don't know what anti-spam mechanisms are actually
> >installed, but things like rate limits and a moderation queue may help.
> The main thrust of our anti-spam strategy is:
>  * require people to have accounts to be able to edit
>    (create/change/rename etc.) pages in the wiki
>  * control account creation so that spammers either don't create them
>    in the first place, or we disable accounts when we detect spam
>    attacks.
> Recaptcha is simply one of several methods that we've used to limit
> account creation.
> Given that, I've disabled recaptcha again for new account creation and
> I'll monitor the effects for the next few days. Hopefully things will
> stay under control now. Nobody *likes* using recaptcha, agreed...

for spammer robot:
I saw using trap field for spam robot protection on some blogs.
it is:
for human, it is using css and saying don't enter, and robot will enter it
so, it can be treated as robot if the field has a value.

no need to CC me :-)

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