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synchronising stylesheet/image assets between www.d.o and other domains?

Hi all,

Currently www.d.o, wiki.d.o and other Debian sites share assets
(CSS/images/etc) but they are not synchronised in any way so changes
on www.d.o are not propagated to other sites using the new design. At
least for wiki.d.o the www.d.o-derived assets have not been updated
since they were deployed, I guess other sites are in the same

Some thoughts:

The wiki is available over HTTPS, so we can't just reference the
assets via www.d.o. I don't know if adding HTTPS to www.d.o is
possible or a good idea.

The assets aren't concentrated in one directory, so we can't just
checkout that from CVS, we need a full checkout on each host.

Perhaps a CVS commit hook or cron job to collect all the assets in one
directory on www-master and give wiki.d.o and other hosts access to
that via rsyncd?



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