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Bug#679298: www.debian.org: Changelog of some packages are not found

On 2012-10-01 21:15:13 -0400, David Prévot wrote:
> You can't expect the packages.d.o service to process all the changelog
> before they are even available. Well, you can expect that, but in that
> case it's a dupe of #495329 (please, refer to the 2008 discussion in
> -devel about this issue linked from the initial bug report), thus
> merging them. Please feel free to unmerge them back if I happen to be
> wrong, and the klibc-utils changelog really is not available in a few
> hours (I don't exactly know when packages.d.o cronjobs are actually run).

Well, since #495329 directly mentions the 2008 discussion, which
starts by talking about aptitude and a new version of some package,
I suppose that it is exactly the same bug (when I initially reported
the bug, this was the case of tcc, which became available a few hours
earlier). I typically asks changelogs (in aptitude) for some packages
proposed for upgrade, so if changelogs are not available as soon as
the package is proposed by aptitude, this problem is likely to occur
quite often.

Now, I'm not sure whether this can be seen as a bug in the Debian
WWW infrastructure (for the benefit of the user and applications
like aptitude) or as a bug in aptitude, which could obtain the
changelog in some other way (without downloading the full package),
as suggested in the 2008 discussion (if I've understood correctly):


  "In my experience, packages.qa.debian.org/package is usually quite quick
  to have the latest changelog, in form of the changes file.  The rest of
  the changelog should be available via packages.debian.org."

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