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wiki account creation: confirmation mail failed


More than one week ago (from my history, quite surely the 16th of
september), I've tryed to create an account on wiki.debian.org with
 Name: NicolasBoulenguez
 Email: nicolas.boulenguez@free.fr

No mail from the wiki ever reached any of my mailboxes.

Trying to login leads to
 User account not verified yet.

Creating another account with the same email:
 This email already belongs to somebody else. If this is a new account
 and you need another verification link, try sending another one.

Clicking on the "try sending another one" link in the previous
 Verification message re-sent to nicolas.boulenguez@free.fr.

No mail from the wiki, even in the spam.

<for the record>
Today, creating an account with
 Name: AttemptTocreateanaccountforNicolasBoulenguez
 Email: c1U3OG1Bh69UB3ExPHjFR2zSrt7s4o5E@gmail.com
leads to:
 User account created! Use the link in your email
 (c1u3og1bh69ub3exphjfr2zsrt7s4o@gmail.com) to verify your account
 then you will be able to use this account to login...
Actually, the email got lost because gmail truncates and lowercases
its usernames without warning.
</for the record>

Creating an account with
 Name: AttemptTocreateanaccountforNicolasBoulenguez2
 Email: c1u3og1bh69ub3exphjfr2zsrt7s4o@gmail.com
leads to:
 Account creation failed: Error 914: please contact
 debian-www@lists.debian.org for help if this continues.


PS: you may want to delete the
AttemptTocreateanaccountforNicolasBoulenguez and
AttemptTocreateanaccountforNicolasBoulenguez2 accounts.

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