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Bug#687483: Old Url used in for Source Package: openmotif page

Source: openmotif
Severity: minor
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-www@lists.debian.org, timh@ics.com

On Mi, 12 sep 12, 23:59:32, Timothy Hatch wrote:
> HI,
> My name is Timothy Hatch, I am a web developer for ICS. ICS is responsible
> for releasing Open Motif, and Motifzone. 
> I came across this page http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/openmotif and
> I noticed that you were using the old site url as the homepage.
> I was hoping you  could update the link to http://motif.ics.com
> <http://motif.ics.com/open-motif/downloads> 

Hi Timothy,

The link is coming directly from the package metadata, which is why I'm 
filing this as a bug against the package itself.

Kind regards,
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