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Re: Problems adding events to website


Le 12/09/2012 03:45, Arne Wichmann a écrit :
> begin  quotation  from David Prévot (in <[🔎] 504FAADC.4060206@debian.org>):

>> The <infolink> tag is not defined, while it's mandatory, see
>> english/events/event.form.
> Sorry. It seems I was too tired yesterday.

in “LINK or empty” empty really means “empty”, i.e. without a space in
it, please, do fix it:


0924-guaiba.en.ics even fails to build, please fix it too:

webwml/english/events/2012$ make install
../../../english/events/make_ics.pl 0924-guaiba.wml 0924-guaiba.en.ics
No coordinator string specified
make: *** [0924-guaiba.en.ics] Erreur 25

And just in case you are not following the commits fixing your files,
please, use UTF-8.



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