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Re: Current status of switching to something besides CVS?

On Wed, 29 Aug 2012, David Prévot wrote:
> Le 29/08/2012 14:02, Don Armstrong a écrit :
> > Are there any projects underway currently to switch to something
> > besides CVS?
> No current work that I'm aware of.
> > [Is there a massive todo list of things that actually
> > need to be done to make that happen?]
> http://wiki.debian.org/WebsiteVCSEvaluation
> http://wiki.debian.org/WebsiteSVNTransition
> (Those pages may need update)
> There are also some threads more or less recent on the list. A
> WebsiteGitTransition may worth being created by people actually aiming
> to propose something concrete. We add some informal talk during DC12:
> moving to Git seems possible, but noone volunteered so far…

So I've started playing with git a bit, and it looks like a full clone
of a CVS converted repository is 500M. A shallow clone fully checked
out is around 355M. [The actual history of the shallow clone is only
65M, which shouldn't be too arduous to transfer; it'll certainly be
better than using cvs.]

My current checkout of the CVS is around 425M.

Based on this, I don't believe any translators will be inconvenienced
by the size of a git clone, and I don't believe there is any real
reason to use submodules for each language.

Don Armstrong

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