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mounting iphone blog

the blog on configuring the iphone:


thank you so much for this - I am now running xubuntu oneiric and i had not been able to access my iphone (now osX 5.1) from my computer since ubuntu hardy.

thank you so much.

my level of skill writing bash scripts is pretty rudimenatary - I tend to cut and paste. I misinterpreted the section that starts:

* For those who prefer to simply copy a few commands, the script basically does this:

to mean that the three lines below this comment form the script so I copied and pasted them into a file and saved it as the script:


then changed the execution bits and ran it as

mount i-phone.sh after plugging my iphone into the usb port.

it works for me - there was my iphone mounted in the folder /home/bdz/.gvfs

however on rereading the article i realized that the actual script was much longer and could be downloaded so I downloaded the actual one and save it and set the execution bits and ran it and although it reported that:

2e0dc8252dfc598351450e3f7771b21ea8352796 is already mounted

i could not find the mount point


but the three lines of script worked!

so thank you and I am taking the time to describe the failure of the formal script incase it is of use to your team.
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