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Bug#670583: www.debian.org: Link to the devotee code on /vote

* Kurt Roeckx [Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 02:03:33AM +0200]:
> I don't have a problem with such a link, but it's also not the
> same version as that's on master.debian.org in
> /org/vote.debian.org/.  I should probably all put the changes
> in some repo and make that avaiable somewhere.  (But that's been
> on my TODO list for a while now.)

My request was triggered by the recent "predictable RNG allows
recovery of secret monikers" thread, when I realized I had no idea
where to look to investigate the source code.

Having a link to the version currently used would be great, and a link
to *some* version is still better than nothing IMO :-)


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