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Re: Bug#614233: www.debian.org: patch replacing Debian GNU/Linux where relevant

Le 09/04/2012 11:05, Holger Wansing a écrit :
>> David Prévot <taffit@debian.org> wrote:
>>> Note: I focused on Paul's patch, and didn't check if there were other
>>> parts of the website to be addressed, if someone else could verify, that
>>> would be much appreciated.

> Patch attached.

Looks good, thanks.

> Please note, that this patch only includes the english directory.
> If the patch is considered ok, I would prepare a new one, including
> all translations.

Feel free to commit it once you've handled the translations. For
intro/why_debian.wml, it would be nice to split the patch: first apply
what can easily be handled trivially in translation (and handle
translations in the mean time), e.g. s#Debian GNU/Linux#Debian#, and
then, once committed this first part, add those that needs a translation
update, e.g. s#GNU/Linux#GNU/Linux or GNU/kFreeBSD#.

Please note that “Debian”, and even “GNU/Linux”, are translated in some
languages (that's the funny part ;-), but they are quite easy to spot.



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