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I have a problem. I'm a debian user and i use Debian 5.0 "Lenny". I
can use the system without any problem until last yesterday, when i
need to reinstall the system, and make single boot my pc. when I want
to install the system from network, can't find the server for download
files. I installed without network only the base system. After install
a find the new mirror from where can I download the packages. I edited
my sources.list file with inserting the new mirror adress, after that
I updated the database and I install the softwares what I need. After
the install i used the system and just frozen when i watched a film.
After restart the system can't activate the swap space and crashes
again. After a new restart the system starts properly. Can you help
me, what is the problem. When I install any time from the old mirror
that system I don't have any problem.
Thank you with respect

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