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web site language setting

To whom it may concern,

I would like to address again the problem that there is no way to change
the displayed language on debian web sites, temporarily, for at least one
browser session, or permnantly. Although it is possible to change the
language for the currently displayed web page, this setting will revert
back to the browsers default language as soon as you move to another page
on debian e.g. by simply clicking on a link on this page.

Though it might not concern most, since many people will only sit in front
of their very own desktop PC with everything adjusted to their own
personal needs, this behaviour is very annoying for someone working in a
organisation where several completely different languages are used on a
daily base. I raised this problem once several years ago and got some
endorsement from several affected persons, but I never got any answer or
comment on this from the debian www team. Is there any change for the
better to expect?

With kind regards,

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