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PhD Program Question

Hi Webmaster,

I designed a PhD resource guide for students called http://onlinephdprogram.org.
There just isn't enough info available out there about online 
doctorate programs within the school
system, so I wanted to reach out to you to help spread the word about 
getting a PhD.

I created my online PhD education site to help show students the 
various school
programs that students can choose from. I list everything thing you 
need to
know about what it takes to get a doctorate degree!

As you have a related site, would you mind helping me to connect
students with my site by adding it to your resources page of http://dmoz.org/Regional/North_America/United_States/Indiana/Localities/E/Elkhart/Education?

Thank you so much for your time and any effort to add my link to your
page would be appreciated!

Best Regards,

Chase G.
PO Box 1138
Houston, TX 77219
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