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Dental Question

Hi Webmaster,

I designed a Dental Degree resource guide for students called http://dentaldegree.org.

I know from personal experience that searching for the right Dental 
Degree program can be a time consuming task and it is certainly very 
competitive. That is why I designed my dental resource guide to help students who 
are interested in becoming a dentist find programs across the country 
just by visiting one site.

As you have a related site, would you mind helping me to connect 
prospective students with my site by adding it to your resources page of http://dmoz.org/Health/Professions/Medical_Laboratory_Technology/Associations?
Thank you so much for your time and any effort to add my link to your 
page! If you prefer to not receive another email about my Dental Degree 
site, please let me know!

Best Regards, 
Amy :)

PO Box 1531
Houston, TX 77219

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