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Online Seller vs E-Commerce Seller

Title: Free Training Class ~ from Lelong.my

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happy customerTips of the day:

The 5 Habits of Highly Effective for E-Commerce

  • Think Like A Consumer
    The online businesses that make their goods and services easy to find reap rewards in two ways: People purchase more and they experience greater overall satisfaction with the Website. If you sell paintings and frames, show the frames that best complement the paintings.
  • Keep It Simple
    Successful ecommerce sites simplify the checkout process and display clear pricing and shipping information. They also post clear return policies and access to customer service.
  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
    Use photos of your products and go easy on the text. Online usability studies suggest that people do not read; they scan. Its 25% hard to read on the web, so keep these guidelines in mind for optimum readability.
  • Market Your Website Once It’s Live
    You need to make an effort to market and promote your website to new customer. Tap on Lelong.my Marketplace with ready high traffic. Take advantage of this capability to reach a whole new set of customers.
  • Make Payment Processing Easy
    Online shoppers need a way to give you money online. That’s easy these days. You can accept credit card payments with either NetPay or PayPal. Forget about cash on delivery and meeting up buyer. This will make you exhausted.

Read what our happy customers are saying:

"Lelong class definitely is a Must attend class for anyone who want to do their business seriously in lelong, no matter you are newbie or season online marketer. Adrian, Nicole, all the lelong lecturers and staffs is very experience and helpful to hold you hand and guide you step by step. I had joined my 101 and 102 lelong class, and I am looking forward to joining more lelong class if there are any. Join the class now and I guarantee you won’t regret it! Good works Lelong Team!"
Terrence Koh - Part Time Seller

"Saya pernah terfikir bagaimana cara untuk menjual online dimana saya hanya ada pengalaman menjual secara konvesional sahaja, namun setelah saya hadir kelas dari Lelong tenaga pengajar mereka amatlah berpengalaman dan membantu saya untuk mula menjual secara online. Mereka juga mendidik saya tentang cara-cara untuk menjual di Lelong.my dan juga tips efektif diberikan dan ianya penuh dengan maklumat yang berguna. Terima kasih Lelong!"
Nor Rabiah binti Nasir - Part Time Seller

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