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Re: www.debian.org

On 11-03-2012, at 09h 16'33", Raf Czlonka wrote about "Re: www.debian.org"
> Hi Ionel,

Hi Raf,

> You should have spotted that this was a generic SPAM email:

Sorry, that was not clear to me.

> <quote>
> Online Marketing Representative
> Seo-Company-Quotes.info
> </quote>
> Hint: Online marketing combined with SEO.

Not familiar with "Online Marketing". No clue what SEO is. Checking
now google... still not clear. http://Seo-Company-Quotes.info looks
genuine to me.

> With lack personal references in the email being the most obvious.
Sorry to fall for this spam. I guess spammer are getting smarter. :-)


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