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Hope you will write me back!

Hello, this is Anastasiya! I would like to get acquainted with you. I am good-looking woman with nice female lines! I will include a photo for you. i live in RU. I am a sincere, honest, and I do not like to play with the feelings of other people. To be honest I'm looking for a man for my life, I wish to find the perfect man for me, he does not need to be perfect, just perfect for me. do you understand me? He must be really special to join... man who has so much tenderness, and care to his woman, but seriously and with a sense of responsibility, who can share both good times and bad times. Who has a sense of humor but knows also suffer along with me if life will give us pain.. Who knows how to live an exceptional life as I do with him. I would not have any secrets with him, because my love is made of transparency and honesty with nothing to hide. Finally! I want the other half of me!! just that I'm looking for. I do not want sexual adventure ....True .... maybe you'll understa
 nd that I am a woman with good heart, i have maturity and experience in relation. If you think that our knowledge can be extensive. Write me and just makes me pleasure to read your email again. I am very interested to know your inside because the real beauty comes from the inside. Here is my mail address: a.nastya@yahoo.com

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