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Quick Question


I work on behalf of MedicalMalpracticeLawyers.org, a consumer 
advocacy website. I'm emailing you to ask if you'd help us get the word out 
about a position we're trying to fill, Staff Research Attorney. I realize 
that asking folks such as yourself to help us spread the word about a job 
opening isn't the normal route, but we've tried Monster / CareerBuilder / 
CraigsList and just haven't found any applicants that would be a good fit, so we 
thought we'd use the power of the connected web to potentially help us find 
our person. If you're willing to inform your readers about the available 
position, here's what we're looking for...

Position:  Staff Research Attorney
Compensation: $72k Salary Per Year, Medical Health Benefits (excluding
dental & optical), 401k participation after 6 months.
Requirements:  A recent law school graduate with strong legal research
skills, or an experienced attorney who has recent experience working
on legal research with a demonstrated passion for consumer protection.

If you're willing to help spread the word, you can do so be directing 
your readers to the Careers section of MedicalMalpracticeLawyers.org, 
where individuals can get detailed information about the position and 
submit their application.

Allison Dean
owner | blogger

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