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Re: Accidental public posting of private information (was: My order)

Ben Armstrong schrieb am Monday, den 05. March 2012:

> On 05/03/12 01:54 PM, hong shao wrote:
> > When finished my order of debian linux, I haven't heard from you about
> > my order information by email.
> > My name is Hong Shao. If it's possible I would like to cancel this
> > order. My visa number is xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx. My email address is
> > shb_60@yahoo.ca. Please give me an answer as soon as possible.
> > Thank you.
> > Hong Shao
> While we do list vendors that sell Debian, Debian itself does not handle
> orders. You will need to contact the vendor to whom you sent your order
> to cancel it. Furthermore, you have just posted your query to a mailing
> list which is archived on the web. Unfortunately, once this is done, we
> can't undo the damage, as the information is mirrored by systems beyond
> our control. You should consider cancelling that card for your own security.
> CCing this to listmaster@lists.debian.org to locate & delete the post,
> but as I said, the damage is done, so even if the post is removed, we
> regrettably cannot do anything about copies of it that have already been
> made elsewhere.
Archive removal is running. For the next time: please include the message-id
of the mail.


Alex - Debian Listmaster

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