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Re: Re-licenciamiento del sitio web [Fwd: Permission to relicense your Debian web site contributions]


Le 12/02/2012 21:44, Fernando C. Estrada a écrit :

> In the l10n-spanish team we have some doubts related to the message
> "Permission to relicense your Debian web site contributions" [0]:
> 1. Does this not affect those who have no account in Alioth or who do
> not have permissions to commit in the repository?

It affects every author, translator or developer whose text or code has
been provided before 25 January 2012 (i.e. subject to the Open
Publication License).

> 2. If someone not previously worked on the website but want to
> collaborate in the future is required to send the message? (the message
> refers only to past collaborations, what about future collaborations?)

As decided in #238245 [1] and stated in the license page [2], all new
contributions are under the terms of GPL2+ or MIT since 25 January 2012.
Everyone who contributes to the website does it under these licenses (no
need to request any agreement: people who disagree with that are not
expected to participate).

> 3. What happen with translations of which we do not know who was the
> author? (we have some translations without the maintainer field in the
> translation-check section).

There are other ways to remember who was the author, like commit
messages or mailing lists archives.

The goal of this first step is to gather as many copyright reassignments
as we can. Hopefully, most contributors will be reached and will agree
with the new licenses, and there won't be too much dark areas. Various
ways are possible to handle problematic parts (e.g. try harder to find
the author, rewrite, delete, make exceptions), but we'll discuss and
propose a work flow later, once this first step will be completed, so
we'll have a better idea of the “dark areas”.

Anyway, thanks for considering this request seriously: coordination with
translation teams will be an important step to fix this issue.



	1: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=238245
	2: http://www.debian.org/license

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