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Bug#388141: Let's ask for a relicensing agreement

retitle 388141 Old content is not DFSG-free until all contributors agree for relicensing


Thanks to Stefano's help (see #238245), the new content of the website
will now be DFSG free. In order to make the old content DFSG free, we
need the agreement of every author of previous contributions.

I propose to send them the following message, and will gladly accept
your remarks before actually sending it:


Subject: Permission to relicense your Debian web site contributions


  As you may already be aware of (see #238245 for more information), the
new material of the Debian web site is now compliant with our free
software guidelines. In order to make the old content available with the
same licenses, we need your agreement.

  Please send us back the following agreement, and, if you committed
anything on behalf of someone else in the past (e.g. if you acted as a
translation coordinator), please do ask them to also send it back to us:


  I hereby give permission to relicense all the material that I have
provided to the Debian website under the terms of the MIT (Expat)
License and of the GNU General Public License, version 2 and any later


  Thanks for the work you already did for the Debian web site, and
thanks in advance for helping us to make it free.


  <someone> on behalf of the Debian web team

  P.-S.: Please mention your real name and your Alioth (and pre-Alioth)
account name(s) to help us track your commits.


As a first step of this relicensing task, I propose we contact:
- current contributors (the 213 members of the Alioth webwml group);
- members of security team who provided DSA (in security/<year>/);
- members of publicity and release teams who provided News/ content.

In the mean time, I hope translation coordinators could take care of
contacting the previous translators of their language (who are not
already among the current members of the Alioth webwml group).

We'll also have to contact previous contributors who are not currently
member of the Alioth webwml group (so we first need to identify them),
and probably many more people in some corner cases I didn't yet think of
right now.

We could continue to discuss the specifics of the relicensing work flow
only in the debian-www mailing list not to flood this bug report, and
come back to this bug report when we have significant information to share.



P.-S.: The relicensing agreement should be sent to
<webmaster@debian.org>, in order not to spam our public mailing list or
bug tracker, and to make it available to any Debian developer.

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