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Virtual Labs, IIITH, Hyderabad, India

Name of Organization: Virtual Labs, IIITH, Hyderabad, India
Organizational Type: Educational
Home Page: http://devel.virtual-labs.ac.in/devel-portal/index.html

We use Debian on 4 rack servers (IBM X3650M3). Each of the server is
virtualized using OpenVZ/KVM with Debian
as the host operating system and the guests also running Debian on
them. Each of the instance is used to run
different kinds of services like Web Server, Mail Server, Firewall,
Proxy, DNS Server, DHCP Server, SVN Server
and many more other services.

We choose Debian for it's greatest stability, support and the best
democracy among the community of developers.
Thanks Debian! We would also be happy to host community services like
repos, mirrors etc. for Debian.

International Institute of Information Technology

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