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Bug#656939: www.debian.org: install manual section 3.4.1 unknown command MAKEDEV

reassign 656939 installation-guide

Le 22/01/2012 20:03, Markus Hiereth a écrit :
> Package: www.debian.org
> Severity: minor
> Respective: 
> manual file www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/apds03.html 
> Chapter D.3.4.1.
> Among the three options to make device files two were of no use for my
> system. MAKEDEV is unknown to me and my old system
> (openSUSE). Wouldn't it make sense to mention mknod?

Hi Markus,

Thanks for your report, reassigning it to the installation-guide where
people will be able to handle it.



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