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Re: Link to Netinstall ISO

On Ma, 17 ian 12, 13:55:40, Dave Page wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm a semi-regular helper in #debian on Freenode. I've just noticed the
> link at the top-right of the Debian homepage to a netinstall ISO. A lot
> of people are just downloading this and trying to use it to install,
> never going near the install guide, and being surprised when it doesn't
> give them a nice clicky GUI or similar.
> Could I suggest that the link goes to either a full CD ISO, or the
> install guide? It'll generate happier users and less work for us ;)

But the netinst does also include the GUI, they just need to select the 
'installgui' menu entry, same as with the full CD ISO.

Kind regards,
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