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Emdebian packages

Please CC: me, I'm not subscribed.

See: http://wiki.debian.org/EmdebianIntegration

I hope to start uploading Emdebian Grip packages to ftpmaster soon, in
time for a full release as part of Wheezy. There are a number of
features of Emdebian Grip which the website team need to be aware:

0: Approximately 10% of packages in main will also appear in Emdebian
Grip. This proportion is expected to remain fairly stable over future

1: All source packages in Emdebian Grip are SHA256 identical with
Debian sources.

2: All binary packages in Emdebian Grip will have the 'em1' version

3: Not all binary packages available from a particular source package
in Debian will appear in Emdebian Grip.

4: Packages are not recompiled - the binaries are simply unpacked,
modified and repacked.

5: Compiled files within Emdebian Grip binary packages are SHA256
identical to the same compiled files in Debian binary packages.

6: Copyright files are compressed, changelog files are removed.

7: Emdebian Grip binaries are often ~40% smaller than the Debian ones.

8: Not all architectures are supported. Current architecture list is:
	i386, amd64, armel, armhf, mips, mipsel, powerpc
	(note: no non-linux architectures are supported)

9: Emdebian Grip suites will use the '-grip' suffix:
	unstable => unstable-grip
	testing => testing-grip
	sid => sid-grip
	wheezy => wheezy-grip
	testing-proposed-updates => testing-proposed-updates-grip

10: Uploads to Emdebian will *only* be made from blavet.debian.org.
Maintainers will NOT be able to upload themselves.

11: Whether a package is included in Emdebian Grip is a decision for
the Embedded Debian Team (debian-embedded@lists.debian.org) and will be
managed via the buildd.emdebian.org pseudo-package in the BTS. Packages
will be automatically added in order to meet the dependencies of
new versions of packages which are already included.

12: Bugs in packages with an em1 suffix should initially be reported to
buildd.emdebian.org in the BTS (reportbug should already be able to do
this). If reproducible in Debian, bugs can be reassigned with
appropriate changes in 'found' etc.

13: Uploads to Emdebian Grip do not (cannot) close bugs.

14: Uploads are made after the relevant buildd has already processed
the package at that version for that architecture. Therefore, there is
an inevitable delay between a package being uploaded to Debian unstable
and the compatible package being uploaded from blavet.debian.org to
Emdebian Grip. Delays should be less than 24hrs after the relevant
package appears on the primary mirrors.

15: Migrations into testing-grip will happen simultaneously with
migrations into testing.

16: Emdebian Grip package are binary compatible with the equivalent
Debian package. The only difference is the size. (The reason for a
separate suite is that this reduces the size of the download, removes
the need for on-device processing and reduces the size of the Packages
files and therefore the apt-cache as well which gives performance
improvements on-device.)

17: All processing of Emdebian Grip is architecture-neutral. i.e. a
single machine processes packages for all supported architectures
without needing MultiArch as the packages are never installed, only

18: A suggested comment for the packages.debian.org listing of Emdebian
Grip packages would be of the kind:
"Note: this package is part of Emdebian Grip and does not contain
translations or documentation but remains binary compatible with the
Debian package at the equivalent version. "
This could be done in the same manner as for udebs and experimental.
"Emdebian Grip" could be a link to www.emdebian.org/grip/

19: Emdebian Grip is already in commercial and non-commercial usage and
has been included in embedded products on the open market since Lenny,
via www.emdebian.org/grip/ - this change is simply about including this
into the main Debian systems.

20: There are other versions and flavours of Emdebian which are NOT
binary compatible with Debian and documentation on Emdebian Grip needs
to be careful to always specify 'Emdebian Grip' not just Emdebian when
referring to the packages to prevent confusion with Emdebian Crush and
Emdebian Baked. Please do not shorten Emdebian Grip to Emdebian.
Emdebian is the project and the team, the distribution and the packages
are Emdebian Grip.

21: Emdebian Grip does not typically package many kernels. A handful
are available but most deployments of Emdebian Grip are expected to
provide custom kernels.

22: Emdebian are working with the debian-cd team to create ISO images
of Emdebian Grip for the Wheezy release (as Wheezy-grip).

Any queries, please ask.


Neil Williams

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