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Bug#612442: www.debian.org: limit maximum width of text

-=| Lars Wirzenius, 08.02.2011 14:39:51 +0000 |=-
> Package: www.debian.org
> Version: n/a
> The new site design, rolled out with the squeeze release, is quite
> wonderful. I would like to propose, however, that the maximum width of
> the text would be limited, for the sake of readability, to something
> like 60em. If one has a very wide browser window for other reasons, it
> would be nice if the Debian site would still be easily readable.
> As an example of such other reasons, I sometimes need to have a very
> large image open in one tab, and then switch to a different tab for
> Debian content. I could work around this by having the Debian content
> open in a separate window, rather than tab, or resize the window when
> changing tabs, but it'd be more convenient for me, and I suspect other
> readers, to have the Debian CSS to include something like this:
>         body { max-width: 60em; }
> (Possibly some other element than body would be a better fit.)

I have given the idea a try, and met two obstacles:

 * 60em seems too little for the whole page. While a limit on the 
   total width seems like a good idea, perhaps the 60em limit should 
   be on a lower level - may be some classes of text-holding elements.
   The current limit, which triggers the "narrow" page layout is 50em 

 * Absolutely-positioned elements should be converted to something 
   else. The search box for example stays at the right corner of the 
   window, regardless of the <body>'s max-width. Same with the 
   download button on the front page and the logo in the upper left. 
   This is perhaps not so hard to fix, but needs to be fixed somehow.

Sorry for bringing more questions than answers :)

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