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Bug#612447: #612447: www.debian.org: Home button and menue line doesn't look good on small windows

retitle 612447 top-level links use much vertical space when wrapped


Recently the web team adopted some changes in the www.debian.org 
layout, improving the situation of viewing the site on small devices 
or in small browser windows.

There is no longer a gap on the sides of the content when viewing the 
site on such a small screen.

The TOC-style links also should look better on small screen estate, 
even if not perfect. At least they now use wrapped texts and don't 
overlap each other.

I don't close this bug just yet, as the top-level links still look bad 
on narrow screens. This part needs work. Retitling the report 

The "You are /here"-style line looks fine unless the top links are 
wrapped. Not sure if this was the case when the bug was reported. And 
not sure how to keep the alignment when the top-level links are 

So far so good :)

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