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Re: Bug#388141: Handling the copyright mess of the website

David Prévot <david@tilapin.org>
> If they refuse to grant copyright of their future contributions to SPI,
> or if they don't respond, the first action would be to remove their
> commit access, so starting at <date> 2012, all the new content of the
> website will be copyright SPI.

That seems a bad situation in two ways: 1. even though I think SPI is
A Good Thing, I will not assign copyright to it because I feel that
would make it more attractive to attackers.  SPI already holds too
many assets for too long, in my opinion.

2. I feel that forcing a choice between copyright assignment and being
airbrushed out of the website is rather at odds with the usual idea of
voluntary contributions to the project.  It seems like demanding a fee
before work is considered on its merits for inclusion.

Nevertheless, I probably would grant DPLs (or suitable delegates)
permission to pick a dual licence for material on the website if
asked, so long as the previous licence(s) also held.

Hope that informs,
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